A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint and patience, with a pinch of good products choice and a dash of guidance.

So, you have decided to start growing a beard, or you are at the stage of whipping it all off because it looks nothing like you imagined.

Firstly, you will need some tools in your Beard Grooming Kit to help along your adventure.

Have a look

Face moisturiser

Comb or brush

Beard balm

Beard oil

Trimmer or scissors

Razor & Soap

Let’s take this from the point of just starting to grow a beard.

WEEK 1-4

Week 1-4 will be hard, as you will be just getting the feel of longer hair on your face.

Hair is a natural insulator and that is one of its amazing properties. The extra hair will trap heat, your skin sensitivity levels will need adjusting to its new environment. So it may be a bit uncomfortable during the early stage.

A good tip to do during this time.

Moisturise and Moisturise and Moisturise some more.

This will keep the skin hydrated and ease the itchy uncomfortable feeling during the early weeks.

You should be moisturising at least twice a day (morning & night).

With all the focus on the beard-growing, you will neglect the skin under the hair quickly.

You need to keep working the moisturiser into the skin. As the beard gets longer keep applying. Check out Here for some moisturising products to help.

Weeks 4-8

So you have gotten past the hardest stage concerning breaking through the beard barrier. Well done!

By now you will start to see some real progress in your beard cultivation. It should be filling out, giving you some idea of what you’re going to be looking at concerning how full your beard will be and how long you want it.

 You will notice the hair getting dry and shaggy in appearance feeling a lot harsher than before. this is most likely from your washing regime, washing your beard continuously will strip it of its natural oils. Making it dry and coarse to the touch.

Now is the time you add some products like a beard balm or beard oil/ tonic.

Beard balm

A beard balm is ideal to help take the dryness from the beard and help soften it in touch and appearance.

Check out some of the options we have on offer.

Beard oil/tonic

Beard oil and tonics are in liquid form

Doing the same as the balm but not having the same control properties. if your growth is less unruly then oil would work well. Keeping the beard conditioned and giving a healthy shine.

Bread waxes

Beard wax is a heavier Product that will also take the dryness away and add softness. Waxes will be more directed to sculpting the shape of the beard once you have the length and shape you want.


So, you still want to let it grow for another while longer, but some areas will need some attention.

The top lip area (moustache area)

Probably the most likely to start to get in your way at this point, if you’re not using wax to control and shape it, you will need to maintain it. A good barber should have no problem in bringing the moustache hair back into some shape without putting your growth plan back in 6 weeks.

But if you’re looking to do it yourself then a good trimmer will be needed.

I have always used Wahl clippers and trimmers, more expensive but worth it and last much longer then other brands.

Trimming back the upper lip (moustache area)

So, facing a good mirror with magnification properties is a good idea (check these out), you’re looking to raise the hair out of the way, making it more practical and comfortable for you.

Using your beard comb or brush bring the moustache hair into some order before trimming.

Taking the Trimmer in your writing hand, rest your other hand on the chin, with your index finger on your bottom lip as a support for the hand with the trimmers.

Turing the clipper heads edge towards the area that you intend to trim.

 softly push the clipper head just below where you want to cut. This will give you some room for error.

Using a push in and pull-out motion working along the contour of the lip line.

Try not to use too much pressure and allow the trimmers to do their job.

Work on a small area in small movements so you won’t make any massive mistakes.

After your first pass gives it a comb and sees how it’s sitting.

If you need be repeat do so, but don’t encroach too much in the moustache.   

The cheek hairline

Firstly, have a look at the hairline of the beard. you’re looking to make this line more organised and defined in appearance.

Start from the ear and move towards the nose. So back to front.

with your trimmer, place it above the area you are looking to tidy.

Slowly and lightly move the trimmer down the cheek to the point where the hair growth is more pronounced in line with the hairline.

You’re looking to remove any stray hairs that look out of place. Not encroach on the beard growth.

If you want it super sharp finish you can use your Razor in the same. 

The neck area

So similar to the cheek hairline area.

You’re looking to tidy up the hairline and make it more organised looking.

As with the cheek area, you’re not trying to create a hairline just make it more organised.

Bringing the beard down to size

So, you like the beard but not into the wild long look.

Keeping the beard to a set length sometimes looks good and also feels good.

The best way to keep it to a set length is by using a hair clipper.


Trimmers are good at marking off the hairline but if you’re going to be keeping the beard to a certain length then a hair clipper would work better in getting you consistent results.

Have a look at some Wahl cordless clippers to make life easier


When trimming your beard down with a clipper you go against the growth of the hair, the opposite to shaving which goes with the grain. This will allow you to get a better cut with the clippers and will make sure you’re getting a consistent length on the beard. You can shape your beard as you see fit. Keeping the area around the chin and mouth area  slightly longer than the cheek and under neck area will give you some shape, play around with it.

A good tip would be to give it a good brush before you start clipping away.

In conclusion

Growing a beard is a fun experience that we all should try once or twice in our lives.

A well-groomed and maintained beard with the right products will turn heads and can be a super addition to that look your going for.

On a practical note, it can protect your skin from the damaging sun or the bitter cold. also, soften the impact for those partaking in contact sports.

So give it a go.

Thanks for reading


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