About us

What is Shave shop

Shave shop is the creation of George. A barber with 20 plus years experience in applying and sourcing Grooming products for his customers in the much loved, GB Barbers in Dublin Ireland.

George established shaveshop.ie to help you acquire the best quality grooming products on the marketplace. Cutting out hours of searching online. 

What makes shave shop different

Shave shop is different from other online Grooming Products Providers because we have the knowledge and experience in Grooming products that reflect in our product selection. With a wide selection on the market, things can get confusing on what to buy, So George has used this knowledge acquired over the years on grooming products to select the best possible products for you. 


What is shave shops mission

Simply to deliver the best products and service to our customers.

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 Have a look at some of the choice products.

Shaving products.

Beard care products

Skincare products

Haircare products.

Styling accessories. 





and the shaveshop.ie team.