Shaving doesn’t have to be that one thing if you could avoid you would.

Having the right tools and some direction can make it a satisfying experience, making you feel amazing. Shaving is a grooming regime that gives you back some personal time that we all have less and less of in this modern world.

Some ideas for your Shaving wash bag could include

shaving mug

Shaving Brush


Face cloth

Pre/Post shave balm/cream barrier

Shaving soap/cream/oil

Beard Balm/Oils

Portable shave Mirror

Non-alcohol moisturiser

Osma Styptic Pencil

Osma Bloc – Alum Block

Tend Skin Solution (Treatment for rash & ingrown hairs)

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Good skin preparation is key

Most people that shave on a daily basis do so first thing when they wake up. You have just woken up, so let your skin wake up.

Take a shower or apply a warm face cloth to soften the hair and skin in the area you intend to shave.

Using your fingers to move the skin around in circular motions while applying a good cleansing soap to loosen up the skin and prepare the area.

now you have woken up your skin, this would be a good time to apply a pre shave barrier.

Pre shave barrier

Using a good pre-shave barrier alongside a good shaving soap can make your shave a more pleasant experience.

By causing you fewer problems with razor burn and reduce skin irritation from heavy-handed shaving.

Always good to double up with an extra layer.

Shaving Brush

Having and using a shaving brush makes all the difference when it to comes to shaving.

It’s the best practical way to create a rich, creamy lather.

Also helping the soap lift hairs in prep for shaving while exfoliating the skin giving it that new fresh feel.

Shaving mug

An essential bit of your shaving kit, which allows you to create a fine lather using your soap and brush.

keeping both brush and lather warm helps with reapplication of soap if needed.

I find the best bit is it contains the mess created from shaving, allowing for a quick clean up at the end.

Shaving soaps/creams

You can’t go wrong with a quality shaving soap/cream.

People are really surprised when they try real shaving soaps instead of the compressed shaving foam in a can.

Not only is it cheaper per shave and lasts much longer,  but it leaves you with a better feeling on the face after the shave, compared with the shaving foam alternative.

plus its better for the environment saving the planet one shave at a time.

Shaving oil

If you find shaving soap or creams are irritating your skin.

Try a good shaving oil instead.

If you have easily irritated, sensitive skin it may be worth checking this shaving barrier alternative to shave with.

Some shaving soaps are high alkaline PH based, so a good brand of shaving oil might be more suited to your needs.

Slow and soft is the way.

Ok, there is only one way when it comes to shaving in relation to putting a blade to your skin, slow and soft.

You’re running a super sharp piece of metal over your face, going light speed will only result in the razor blade winning.

if your post-shaving experience is full of razor burn, nicks and ingrown hairs, then you need to go slow and soft.

Reduce the pressure you put on the razor, let the blade do its job.

More pressure doesn’t mean a closer shave. Short strokes going with the grain will help improve your post-shave results.

Where to start

So, breaking up your shaving ritual helps.

Everyone is different but I have gotten good feedback from customers on this system of breaking up the shave into areas.

1.Left cheek

2.Right cheek

3.Left Neck area

4.Right Neck area

5.Centre Neck area

6.Chin area

7.Upper lip area

Leaving the chin and upper lip area till last will allow the shaving soap really soften it up making it easier for the blade to remove.

 Dealing with cuts/nicks

Its going to happen no matter how careful you are.

Razor nicks can reopen even after they seem to have stopped bleeding. This is due to the fine cut the blade gives. It’s Especially problematic after your finished shaving and in your crisp white shirt. I use Osma Styptic Pencil which stops the bleeding by sealing the cut there and then.

The Cool Down

Your skin has endured a lot through your shaving ritual

giving your skin good attention after shaving will reap your rewards. The application of an anti-inflammatory balm is always advisable if you have an area of intense irritation. I find a really cold face cloth (colder the better) placed on your face will close the pours in the skin and help calm down areas of inflammation. Also Aloe Vera gel based face creams are amazing for areas of consistent problems.


Your skin is full of bumps and ridges, which when it becomes dry may cause skin irritation when the razor moves over these areas of your skin. Moisturising twice a day will help reduce bumps and ridges. in turn, allowing the razor blade glide easier over the skin. For best results using a Moisturiser, apply post-shave and before you go to bed.


I have been asked a few times about aftershave, and I have to say I don’t see why not. I would suggest it as a complement to the shave instead of part of the shave.

Aftershaves have a high alcohol content which dries out your skin causing an increased risk of skin irritation. So, placing a moderate amount on the lower area of the neck that hasn’t been shaved, works quite well for Aftershave lovers.

Have A Break

For at least one day a week take a break from shaving. Or even shave every second day. It will really help your skin recover.

In conclusion

Shaving doesn’t have to be something if you could avoid you would. It can be an enjoyable experience in which you get some personal time to yourself. If only once a week with the right equipment and products you can feel amazing.  

Preparation is key at the start.

Good equipment and products will get results.

Post shave is important

Moisturise and Moisturise some more.

Thanks for reading

Happy shaving


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